UniCredit Corporate website

Kettydo+ re-design the new Corporate Digital Platform of the Unicredit Group, evolving an institutional window into a Mobile First Digital Experience, simplified and integrated.



Coherently with the Brand Strategy "Real-life Banking" e with the Unicredit Brand repositioning on the digital channels, create an engaging corporate website easy to be accessed and enjoyed in mobility, to be designed and developed on Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe CQ5).



The keyword chosen to drive the Unicredit Group website Digital Identity are: easiness, customization and innovation.

The restyle designed by Kettydo+ has been, indeed, to create a responsive website easy to be enjoyed also from a smartphone or a tablet device will enable to access to relevant financial information, from the Unicredit stock trends, to the main events, to the UEFA sponsorship, from the Sustainability to the services towards the jobseekers.



The website is organized with a quick navigation paradigm to easily access to the contents from a mobile device.

The graphic concept presents a minimal design able to communicate the Unicredit Group identity, a European Leader among commercial banks, enabling the People relationship in an easy and direct way, offering concrete answers and benefits for the real life. An empathic and intuitive language and a spread infographic usage, are warranting an engaging institutional and technical contents consumption.

The new corporate website offers a User Experience oriented to simplify and to be omni-channel, empowering the Brand Identity between the institutional side and the commercial side.


Nel Mulino che Vorrei di Mulino Bianco

Kettydo+ has created for Mulino Bianco the first Italian idea co-generation platform

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