We create awesome user experience platforms

We are a digital agency, made of People that are creating useful platforms, and useful projects, rich of contents and governed by a technology able to improve the relation among People and Brands.


Strategy & UXD

Digital Strategists and User Experience Designers work together to define projects able to engage and be useful to the People, and that are connecting more and more stronger with the Brand they love.


Art Direction

User Interface Designers, Art Directors and Illustrators create wonderful digital sceneries and they enable the Brand stories to reach the People, by deeply touching them, by conquesting them, by engaging them.


Content & Social

Social Media Strategists, Content Curators and Community Managers listen, interact, understand, support the People and help the Brands to be closer to the People.


Technology & Innovation

Digital Transformation Advisors, Innovation consultants, Architects, Analysts, Web and Mobile Developers use the web, mobile and internet of things technologies to create Digital Ecosystems, User Experience Platforms and new Business Models.


The User Experience Technology Platform from Kettydo+

Every Brand today needs a digital presence coherent with its image, values, and business targets: services systems called Digital Ecosystems. The UXPs are the solution to increase the value of the relationship between the Brand and the Users that are approaching to the consumer services enabled by the Digital Ecosystem. YouserXP by Kettydo+ is a middleware platform, based on JavaEE to enable the Brand to innovate or to evolve its own business model. YouserXP is the evolution of the previous awarded platform: YouserCMS.
YouserXP enables to listen the consumers (data analysis and monitoring), to make responsible decisions in a short time (governance acceleration) and to respond them with services defined around the consumer profile (content and response management). YouserXP enables B2C, B2B and B2E consumer services. YouserXP is available both as a cloud or a private server solution. It’s integrable with IT systems (CRM, ERP, BI, …) and with third party platforms such as social media or digital analytics. YouserXP transforms the not-interconnected enterprise platforms silos in a convergent system, connected (API) and analyzable.


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