Air Action Vigorsol
Digital Activation

Kettydo+ has realized a project of on-pack digital activation for Air Action Vigorsol, in order to meet precise brand engagement objectives: the result is an innovative, captivating and engaging digital experience for the Italian market. This procedure is consistent with the new emotional brand positioning on an international scale: "Chew cool, look cool”.



Hooking up consumers in a unique and stimulating digital journey. Increasing Vigorsol market penetration and driving familiarity with pack and product, encouraging purchase and repeated interactions. Engaging the core consumption target (14-34) and increasing the brand awareness.



Kettydo+ has defined an engagement strategy which combines an approach based on contest plays and an original and engaging storytelling, enhanced through gamification mechanics and AR video content. 



From the point of sales to the digital experience. Thanks to the new Shazam feature, users have access to a series of exclusive contents just pointing the camera of their smartphones to the Shazam logo placed on Air Action Vigorsol packs.

The adventure begins. AR videos come to life: Air Action Vigorsol's TV commercials' characters invite users to deal with special missions, to create personalized pictures and to share them on their social profiles. In this way, the user becomes the main character of the storytelling and a brand ambassador at the same time.

The storytelling leads people to the very heart of the project: the mini-website, which gives users the chance to win prizes through an instant win and a contest linked to a points accumulation. The dynamic is based on an interaction experience and a content strategy which surprises, encourages the participation and creates a continuous tie between the consumer and the brand. Thanks to this operation, Kettydo+ has developed a new digital dimension which is able both to increase the consumer's experience and to emphasize the innovative and disruptive spirit of Air Action Vigorsol.


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