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Kettydo+ signs the new website bper.it, starting a collaboration which consists of the restyling both of the commercial website and the institutional websites of the banks belonging to the Group. The portal collects and communicates the core values of BPER Banca, which listens to, chats with and supports people, families and businesses, sharing with them both risks and opportunities.
Thanks to a strategic approach focused on people's real needs, the portal offers a simple yet completely renewed browsing experience and, at the same time, it represents a key touch point of the customer journey.



Developing and re-designing the website BPER Banca as a functional and intuitive environment, which can intercept the overall experience of people who get in touch with BPER Banca. Encouraging exchanges between the physical and the digital World. Meeting the major objectives of the project: accessibility, responsiveness, interaction and user-centered approach. Finding the right balance between branding requirements and the need to activate, increase and support business objectives. 



Data analysis led Kettydo+ to put people needs at the core of the project and to develop an offer of personalized contents and profiled services. Creating a website designed in order to be recognizable, innovative and memorable. The implemented platform is able to act and react according to solicitations and to learn depending on to users’ experience.



Kettydo+ created project is the result of a constant collaboration with the bank's team in order to simplify, personalize and satisfy users' expectations. This is a real co-design project, started from an accurate survey about people's real desires: in order to guide and confirm the strategic choices, first we had a session of interviews and a collection of business needs from BPER Banca's stakeholders, then we run a series of usability tests and informal internal workshops, which led to a profitable ideas exchange.

As always, the research was preparatory for the execution: this is how the new website, innovative, accessible and adaptable to any device, was born. The SEO oriented design, a simple and immediate surfing experience and a content strategy profiled by people's behaviors, preferences and clusters have led to a unique digital space, which perfectly reflects the evolution and the vision of the bank. Among all the contact channels, Dotti the Chatbot stands out: it is a virtual assistant, which which guides users towards the best choice according to their needs.

The website's go-live was supported by a launch-campaign, integrated on different strategic touch points. "A website created by people, for people": this is the creative concept of the campaign, which underlines once again that the project was realized with people collaboration. And common people, current and prospective clients, became also the main characters of a video hero (launched on BPER Banca's Social Media channels) in which they presented the new website features.



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