Mulino Bianco
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Kettydo+ crafted the new website, the digital place designed for brand's lovers, who interact and converse with it, sharing their memories, describing their own dreams, telling the brand their needs and commenting on their product choices.



We were requested to make a digital place more open and integrated, meaningful, personalized, social and interactive. Starting from the new brand story of Mulino Bianco, Kettydo+'s mission was to create a digital ecosystem focused on people's needs and desires. The communication goal was to make people feel the most relevant values of the brand: nature, genuineness and "the art of doing good".



Every new story needs a new beginning: the idea is to be inspired by the brand's heritage to build a better future, and to be more accessible for everyone. This concept led to the insight "Il Mulino delle Persone": a world of participation, information and emotions, characterized by custom content based on the users' profiles. An Engagement Strategy approach, which makes listening skills and continuous interaction the crucial incentives in order to offer a unique and differentiated experience, built on the needs of the Community.



Kettydo + managed the entire project: from content restyling to the development of the digital platform. Particular attention has been paid to responsive rules, design and tools, according to the mobile navigation.

The section "Per darti il meglio", one of the major innovations of, promotes the culture of a healthy and conscious lifestyle: it is a focus on nutritional values, which allows people to find useful information on products and quality of ingredients. Plus, a thematic encyclopaedia and an advanced search engine allow customers to reach product fiche with just one click.

The new tool "Trova bontà" is configured to suggest, based on the consumption's time of the day, the most suitable products for each user, changing its structure and content, to get an accurate call to action, customized based on people's desires.

The agency has also created an integrated editorial plan, shared between the website and social media channels: the platform has become a container and an amplifier that capitalizes the contents produced on social media, and the other way around.

Finally, the integration of the Promo Locator functionality was created to localize promotional activities throughout Italy and to support them in the medium to long term.

YouserXP, the Technology Platform by Kettydo+ optimized for web and mobile, was adopted by Mulino Bianco for the governance of the digital ecosystem and to support multiple levels of the technology strategy: as CMS for content management; as Data Model integrated with CRM for User Profiling; as Rules Engine for setting up marketing automation rules and delivering profiled content to the reference target.


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