Nel Mulino che Vorrei di Mulino Bianco

Kettydo+ redesigns the first italian platform for co-generation of ideas between Consumers and Brand. A project of innovation and great openness where the Community can dialogue with Mulino Bianco to help improve products and services.



Renew and make more collaborative, social and engaging the platform Nel Mulino Che Vorrei, the digital place where Mulino Bianco and its most affectionate Users get in touch to build together the "Mill of Tomorrow".



Introduce a new Engagement Strategy to make the platform express all its potential and give the Community new stimuli and creative moments of sharing. More interaction, visibility to ideas and People who propose them. More content and personalized services to make People enjoy the pleasure of building their own unique and differentiating experience. More gratification and rewarding opportunities, based on the quantity and quality of interactions with the platform. More profiling tools that enable the Brand to better know its audience and give it value in return.



Kettydo+'s restyle enhances the distinctive features of the Mulino Bianco communication with a more dynamic and welcoming language. The site is responsive and enriched with new sections and initiatives, where everyone's contribution is important and each interaction is rewarded and provides benefits.

On the site, People propose new ideas, the most voted by the Community enter the feasibility assessment system. If the ideas pass these stages are realized and return to the People who feel rewarded for the proven fidelity. Quizzes and Surveys have been improved and give more opportunities to express opinions or Consumer preferences. The new "Let's Create It Together" section offers a great personalization of the experience and so many opportunities to get exclusive digital gifts.

Kettydo+ also manages the social channels of Mulino Bianco. The agency maintains an open and constructive dialogue, nurtures the daily relationship with the Fans through an excellent Customer Caring activity and stimulates their participation through a quality Content Curation, consistent with Brand's storytelling.

YouserXP, the Technology Platform by Kettydo+ optimized for web and mobile, was adopted by Mulino Bianco for the governance of the digital ecosystem and to support multiple levels of the technology strategy: as CMS for content management; as Data Model integrated with CRM for User Profiling; as Rules Engine for setting up marketing automation rules and delivering profiled content to the reference target.



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