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Kettydo+ redesigns the Corporate Digital Platform of UniCredit Group, transforming its institutional showcase into a completely organized, integrated and omnichannel digital experience.



Support the Brand Strategy and the concept of "Real Life Banking". Along with the digital transformation process undertaken by UniCredit globally, consolidate positions in the international ranking by creating an engaging and easy-to-use website, even embeddable on the Adobe Experience Manager CQ5 platform.



Simplicity, customization and innovation are the keywords that have guided the design of the Corporate website new identity, through new graphics, enhanced functionalities, and a more efficient and intuitive navigation experience. Always respond better to the Bank needs of relationship and dialogue with its Stakeholders, putting the focus of design on the full satisfaction of their information needs and their specific interests.



Kettydo+, in collaboration with UniCredit's Digital Design Unit, has designed a new essential, fast and scalable graphic interface, an iconic visual language empowering the identity of a commercial Bank Leader in Europe. The content strategy has considered a complete review of content with a focus on more engaging formats, greater use of infographics for financial data, and more attractive videos and images to convey Brand values in a structured and coherent narrative.

The User experience is based on a number of improved tools and new sections that facilitate immediate use of informations and services: the Event Calendar, the Unicredit stock trends Widget, the Press & Media Archive, the Worldwide section dedicated to the international presence of the Group, the History Timeline. The section "UEFA Sponsorship" with its two main events UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League have been redesigned too. It is also planned to exchange with the social content of the Bank, through live updates from official channels.


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