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The Art of Engagement
A digital agency focused on three strategic assets, to be competitive in the era of Engagement Economy: a scenario where Brands can win by demonstrating to know their Customers at a personal level where the best way to conquer their heart and mind is to engage them in authentic, participated and personalized experiences.

Designing integrated experiences and services that can improve and enhance a daily relationship with People.

Manuela Ciancilla

Head of Experience Design


+ Research & Wayfinding

  • Customer Journey Analysis

  • Contextual Benchmarking

  • Integrated Data Analysis

  • User Research

  • Usability Testing

+ Experience Design

  • Digital Strategy

  • Omnichannel Experience Design

  • Service System Design

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

  • Interaction Design

Sharing ideas, stories and meaningful content, designed to support, inspire, or entertain People.

Andrea Guzzetti

Creative Director


+ Communication

  • Brand Digital Strategy

  • Creativity Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Integrated Campaigns

  • Digital Media Planning

+ Social Media mgmt andMedia Planning

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media and Digital Touchpoint mgmt

  • Community Management

+ Content Factory

  • Data Driven Content Planning

  • Branded Content Dedicated Teams

  • Shooting & Video Production

Managing the experience of each Person on every touchpoint, ranging their stimuli. Enabling Clients to govern the technological impact.

Luca Brunetti

Chief Technology Officer


+ Technology Strategy

  • Digital Technology Advisoring

  • Marketing Automation Tech Strategy

  • Analytics Strategy

  • API Design

+ Development

  • Frontend/Backend Web Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • System Integration

YouserXP by Kettydo+

YouserXP by Kettydo+

A middleware digital platform created to combine the needs of People with the most relevant content and services a Brand can offer them, enabling a conscious governance of the relationship system.


Track the User's activities on every touchpoint. Converge data from multiple sources into one layer. Associate the User's interactions with profiled content. Connect the User's needs with business services.


Understand each User activity through analytics and KPI. Configure a Digital Identity for each User. Enable Content and People Intelligence for each profiled User. Enrich external database data such as CRM and DMP.


Activate a profiled response on single Users or specific clusters. Enable relevant content for the User at the right time and context. Enable marketing automation rules on every touchpoint. Improve Engagement and Conversion Retention and Advocacy.


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